Return Policy

Any concerns with damaged or misused product(s) upon receipt of purchase should be taken up with Metlab immediately. In such a case, the Buyer should reach out to the Metlab representative on account with the sale.

Before making any returns, the Buyer should cautiously inspect the purchased goods. If, after careful examination, there are clear or punitive damages to the product(s), the Buyer may begin the return process. If no notice is given to Metlab upon receipt of sale, it will be assumed the Buyer successfully received their product(s) without any damage or misuse.

Before the Buyer can ship any product(s) back to Metlab, they must specify in writing the reason for return and show proof of damage/misuse. Under their own jurisdiction, if Metlab can validate the damaged/misused goods, they will accept the return and extend applicable credit/offer a refund where necessary. Any returns from a Buyer without Metlab's authorization will result in the Buyer bearing all costs and assuming the risk of loss of product(s).

Please refer to the contact information below Metlab for any questions or concerns with regards to returns.

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Metlab Corporation

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