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Portable Hardness Testers


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Product Description

● Accurate and consistent test force, controlled by precision shear pin. Works in static type and hammer impact type and follows Brinell hardness test method. ● According to the similarity principle of Brinell hardness test, this tester has 1580kg test force, Ф7.26mm spherical indenter, F/D2=30. The test condition is equivalent to the commonly used 3000kg test force, Ф10mm ball condition.  ● High accuracy and repeatability; tested by National Institute of Metrology with tolerance less than ±3%. The accuracy meets the requirements of ISO 6506 and is no lower than that of the bench Brinell hardness tester. ● Easy, quick and simple operation. Static type for testing medium and small size work-pieces; hammer impact type for testing large work-pieces. ● Only one inexpensive shear pin is consumed in each test. ● Good choice to replace Leeb hardness tester and Poldi type hammer impact hardness tester with lower accuracy.