Cold Mounting


$220.50 USD
1000 gram powder, 500 ml liquid

Product Description

With Technovit 4006 "HIGH CLEAR" we are going to set a new benchmark in the most important features for materialographic applications by clear cold embedding resins: transparency, temperature, gap, and healthiness. Technovit 4006 is a highly transparent methyl methacrylate-based two-component embedding medium consisting of powder and liquid. Technovit 4006 is used for all embeddings that require transparency as it is the case when the user has to examine the specimen through the embedding medium in the course of the preparation. For this reason, it is mainly used in the electronic industry to support target preparation. Technovit 4006 can be used for many different purposes. Due to its short polymerisation time, it is particularly suitable for routine work. The mixing ratio can be varied in accordance with requirements and desired fluidity. As a basis we recommend a ratio of 2:1. Curing time is 11 minutes at 22 degrees C.