Cold Mounting


$200.00 USD
1000 gram powder, 500 ml liquid

Product Description

Fast curing, two-component embedding resin based on methyl methacrylate in the form of powder and liquid. Color: green-transparent. Just like Technovit 4071, Technovit 5071 is a cold embedding resin that can be employed with great efficiency. The underlying structure and type of application of both is largely identical. The special distinguishing feature of Technovit 5071 is that it can be re-dissolved chemically. This dissolvability is the great advantage of this embedding resin and enables the resin to be removed again from valuable samples. It can be dissolvedwith acetone, trichloroethylene, and dichloromethane. Technovit 5071 can also be used in SEM's. Due to its excellent surface wettability, Technovit 5071 can be used as an adhesive for metals in the industrial sector. It can also be used in measuring technology for the application of strain gauges. Technovit 5071 can be employed in a variety of ways and is very suitable for routine work procedures due to its fast polymerisation time, which amounts to approximately 4-6 minutes. It can be mixed at ratios of 1:1 up to 3:1 of powder/liquid depending on the respective requirements and the required flow properties. We recommend a mixing ratio of 2:1 when used at room temperature.